Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Monash Maker Faire?

The Monash Maker Faire is a community event celebrating creativity and technology. Exhibitors will display their ‘maker’ creations for the Monash community. It’s a great day of interactive fun for makers and families, and anyone who is curious about making will have an amazing time.


When is the next Monash Maker Faire?

The next Monash Maker Faire will be held on Sunday 4th December 2022.


What is a Maker?

A Maker is simply somebody who makes something. This could be a traditional craft, like woodworking, but it also includes modern technologies, such as 3D printing, biohacking and robotics.


How do I become an exhibiting Maker?

To apply to exhibit at Monash Maker Faire you need to submit an expression of interest and be approved by our team. Upon approval, you will receive a full application to exhibit.

Express your interest here.


How do I become a sponsor for the Monash Maker Faire?

Applications for sponsorship will open on 19th August 2022.


Is this event free?

Yes, the Monash Maker Faire is free for all to attend.


Where is the Monash Maker Faire held?

The Monash Maker Faire will be held on Monash University’s campus in Clayton, in a cluster of buildings on the corner of College Walk and Exhibition Walk. The adjacent Woodside Building for Technology and Design, Smart Manufacturing Hub, Monash Generator, and Monash Makerspace will hold exhibits.

Read here for venue information. 


How do I get there?

Read here for travel information.


Is the Monash Maker Faire suitable for children and families?

Yes, the Monash Maker Faire is suitable for attendees of all ages, and activities will be available to all. Bring your whole family and all of your friends!


Will there be food and drink there?

Yes, food and drink will be available to purchase at the Campus Centre and surrounding eateries. Read here for what’s available.