Types of Makers

Maker: Individuals demonstrate what they make and/or how it works, in an interactive environment.


Maker Groups: We ask that you select one Curator to curate and coordinate your group exhibit(s). Curators must submit the Maker/Assistant Check-in List detailing who is involved with the exhibit.


Commercial Maker: Individuals who need to demonstrate a product that they make and/or show how it works, in an interactive environment with the opportunity to sell products. This also includes Makers who bring a pre-made product to exhibit and sell. The exhibiting of commercial makers is subject to an agreement with Monash Maker Faire organisers, and an exhibitor fee may need to be paid.


Maker with Sponsor Subsidy: From time to time, some makers may receive financial or material support from a company. This support is welcomed; however, there are rules around this level of support. Before you ask to receive sponsorship funds or materials for your maker exhibit, please inform us of your intent by emailing ecodev@monash.vic.gov.au as full sponsor disclosure is required.

Types of Exhibits

Standard: A single area within an allocated space to show what you make. Exhibits should strive to be hands-on, fun, interactive, and encourage audience participation to learn how to make, do, or learn.


Demonstration Workshop: During a short show-and-tell session, makers demonstrate (and teach) particular skills, techniques, or processes, explaining materials and tools and stepping through a building process, sharing their knowledge, and interacting with the audience. Sessions are less than 30 minutes and may be repeated. Demonstrations will be done in your exhibit area.


Interactive Performance: Engage and entertain the attendees, and enable them to interact in a fun way. Performances can be musical or theatrical, but they can also involve a collaborative building process. Performances are performed at your exhibit location.


Roaming Exhibits: If you have an exhibit that will roam throughout the fairgrounds during the show, please let us know and we will provide a location for your use as a home base for non-roaming activities. If your exhibit needs access to an outlet to be charged, ask us about the charging station locations.


Attraction: A wonderful, unusual thing that doesn’t fit into any of the categories above.